Monday, April 2, 2007

Ultramicroscopy: three-dimensional visualization of neuronal networks in the whole mouse brain

Hans-Ulrich Dodt, Ulrich Leischner, Anja Schierloh, Nina Jährling, Christoph Peter Mauch, Katrin Deininger, Jan Michael Deussing, Matthias Eder, Walter Zieglgänsberger & Klaus Becker
Nature Methods   - 4, 331 - 336 (2007)  

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Supplementary Video 1 ( mov 3M)
whole mouse brain reconstructed from 550 optical sections.

Supplementary Video 2 ( mov 3M)
Granule cells with dendrites in the hippocampus of a thy-1 GFP mouse.

Supplementary Video 3 (mov 1020K)
Excised whole hippocampus.

Supplementary Video 4 ( mov 1M)
Optical sectioning of a whole hippocampus.

Supplementary Video 5 (mov 2M)
3D-reconstruction and animation of a part of a whole hippocampus.

Supplementary Video 6 (mov 2M)
3D reconstruction and animation of axonal bundles in the hippocampal alveus and dendritic spines of CA1 pyramidal neurons.

Supplementary Video 7 (mov 1M)
Primary and secondary barrel field made visible by excitation of autofluorescence in the whole brain of a 10 day old mouse.

Supplementary Video 8 (mov 2M)
Optical sectioning of a mouse brain imaged by detection of scattered light. Note the appearance of fibre tracts during the movement of the optical sectioning plane through the brain.

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